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Your Scuba Tanks need to have a Visual Inspection, "VIP", done annually. They are going to need a HYDRO test completed every 5 years.

VIP's are performed by our trained and certified Aquatic World Service Staff. Your HYDRO is done locally through the same company that services our local Fire Departments and Hospitals. Quality at every turn.

VIP's are scheduled for 1 week during the off season October - April, they usually take less than a week. During Peak Dive Season, May - September, service can take upwards of 2 weeks. Depending on volume of tanks needing service. When they are finished you'll get the call and an email.

HYDROSTATIC TESTING is scheduled to take 3 weeks, due to the nature of what needs to be done with them. But when they are finished sooner, you'll get the call.

When do I bring my Scuba Tanks in?

  • Bring them in during the off season -  November through April - along with your regulator and other dive gear. This assures you won't be missing any of the short season we have here in New York.

Standard Air fills usually take about 1 hour for up to 3 tanks. Sometimes we have a large number of tanks in for filling. When that happens we try to get them out the same day. You will have them the next morning.

What about NITROX Tanks -

  • One day to blend and fill
  • Custom O2% blends
  • Standard tank conversion to Nitrox
  • Oxygen cleaning and valve service for your Nitrox Tank
  • New Tanks are available for purchase Nitrox ready
If it's NITROX we have it here at Aquatic World

A tank isn't made to last forever

As your tank gets older the metal begins to fatigue and the big question is - "Can I get a HYDRO on my 25 to 30 year old tank?" The answer is Yes! We will have your tank tested for you, both HYDRO and VIP.

Unless it is the Luxfer's 6351-T6 aluminum alloy cylinders with a date older than 1990 even with the post production 3AL stamp. We are not able to HYDRO this specific tank.

We know there is a lot of debate on this topic but we want your gear to be - Safe to Fill and Safe to Dive. Think about it for a moment....sometimes it is just good dive planning to replace that older gear.

 If you have questions about your scuba tank call us at 315.458.1955 or stop by the shop. 

We are here for you just off Taft Road!

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