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FULL FACE MASK DIVER Full Face Mask Diver Course

The PADI Full Face Mask Diver Course

An exciting alternative to a standard SCUBA regulator and mask is a Full Face Mask! (FFM).  Using an FFM is easy, a lot of fun and offers some great advantages to a standard Scuba regulator and mask,  such as keeping saltwater out of your eyes and mouth, keeping your entire face warm during those cold dives in the spring or below the thermocline. There is no jaw fatigue or water against your face, and you can add a communications unit so that you can talk to each other during the dive.  

Aquatic World is happy to be able to offer one of most unique courses in the industry.  A PADI Distinctive Specialty, the Full Face Mask Diver Course.

Diver Prerequisites

By the start of the course, a diver must:

  • Be at least 15 years of age
  • class="lists-arrow">Be certified as a PADI Open Water Diver or have a qualifying certification from another training organization
  • class="lists-arrow">Have completed a minimum of 10 logged dives beyond Open Water Diver certification

What You Learn

The goals of the PADI Full Mace Mask Diver Distinctive Specialty course is to familiarize the diver with skills, knowledge, procedures, techniques, problems, hazards, and care as well as enjoyment of diving with a full face mask. The course will also include the use and care of the Full Face Mask and Communications Units.

The goals of the full face mask course training are:

  • To develop the diver's knowledge of the full face mask, its features and benefits; correct fit and adjustment, correct installation of the regulator(s), proper adjustment of equalization features of the mask, care and maintenance.
  • To develop the diver's mastery of full face mask diving skills.
  • To enable the diver to plan, organize and conduct safe, enjoyable dives.
  • To discuss some of the accessories commonly used with the full face mask such as communications units, integrated light mount and camera options.

The best way to learn how to dive with a Full Face mask is by doing it. This course philosophy emphasizes advantages of diving with a full face mask. Student divers will apply what they learn in knowledge development presentations in one (1) confined water session and then during two (2) open water dives.

Full Face Mask Diver Certification is a Per Student Scheduled Course

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