Scott and Cindy Edick
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13212 NY,

+1 (315) 458-1955

The Dynamic Diving Duo!

Funny story, but true......I flunked my swim test in college and took scuba as an alternative. I figured if I was going to be underwater, I would need to be able to breath! That decision led me to a life long passion of exploring the underwater world, learning about it's inhabitants and traveling to new places, both near and far. Oh......and teaching others how to breath underwater as well. Turns out I was pretty good at it and became a PADI Master Instructor in no time!

Then one day I met Cindy, whisked her off her feet, threw her in the water (with a tank, of course) and then certified her as a diver in Puerto Rico. I'm happy to say she's been going down with me ever since! We have so much fun together, traveling and experiencing what life has to offer and socializing with new found friends.

But, alas, we have our serious sides as well. Cindy is a school teacher, specializing in special education with the Central Square School District. She has the perfect attributes ( blonde, great smile, perky and fun personality)  and background for being a Dive Master and Trip Leader. I, on the other hand, bring to the table 30 years of management and customer service skills as a Postmaster with the US Postal Service. Combining those skills along with a taste for adventure and a sense of humor has allowed me to become a successful leader in the dive community.

Both Cindy and I love what we do, and we love sharing our passion for adventure with those around us. Whether it's hanging out at 90' on a shipwreck while Sand Tiger sharks circle our heads, gliding silently along the side of a mysterious, newly discovered schooner, composing that perfect shot of a fish on the reef or guiding newly certified divers on their first real thing is certain.....if we're having fun, you're going to have even more fun!