Jim Novak
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From childhood dream to reality!

I grew up on the coast of Northern California where I would frequently snorkel in the Pacific ocean and gaze at the sea life beneath me, longing to swim alongside the creatures I admired from above. Some old scuba equipment, belonging to a friend’s father, sparked dreams of breaking the barrier between the water’s surface and the creatures below just out of my reach. During my Air Force days, I recall snorkeling in Italy with my beautiful wife Cindy, picturing myself exploring those features below that were still out of my reach. If only I could....


After my military days I became a career technologist in the Information Technology field, specifically networks and telecoms. Today I still find myself in that field for my day job. Several years ago I became good friends with Tim Corcoran and one day he brought scuba gear to my house to help me find a leak in our swimming pool. Well, we did not find the leak but we did find four people (my wife, son, daughter and I) eager to learn to use that cool scuba gear Tim had! That pool leak revitalized a childhood dream to break the surface barrier and discover the other 70% of the world with my family, giving our family something I always longed for.


Today my son and I are both PADI Scuba Instructors. A year ago, I accepted the position as the Aquatic World Training Director. Over the course of my diving experience I have had the privilege to help, teach, encourage and dive with others who share this desire to see that wonderful aquatic world that awaits our exploration. I have come to admire what many fear, like the sharks swimming gracefully underwater, and I have experienced the thrill of hearing whales call to each other. Nothing on the big screen can compare to being there yourself. Sharing that experience and joy with others is why I choose to be an Aquatic World travel leader as I know that those who travel with us will always get our best. Share your passion for the underwater world and come dive with us!