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Been there rocked that!

Tim and Sharon St. Lucia 2013 

In 2007 we decided to go to St Lucia with Aquatic World. We were both certified scuba divers before we met but we weren't active. We haven't looked back since that trip.  We kept diving, kept traveling and kept taking more classes together until we became Divemasters.  There is something about a dive trip that is like no other trip you can go on. Of course the big thing is the diving. The stuff you see underwater is indescribable and pictures/videos don't even come close to representing what it is truly like to be underwater. And the best part about diving trips is sharing that experience with a group of divers that quickly become your friends and family.


Our goal in life the past 9 years has been to always have a dive trip booked so that we always have a trip to look forward to. We have gotten so good at that goal we usually have 2-3 booked.  Leading trips for Aquatic World lets us share these amazing experiences with other divers.  We have been to the Caribbean, Pacific, on Live Aboards and even Great White Shark Diving but couldn't tell you a favorite.  They are all so different and we truly enjoy each place for its uniqueness. When we travel we don't just go for the diving, we like to enjoy every single aspect of the place we are traveling too. While in Costa Rica we tried to do as many land activities that we could like zip lining, hanging bridges tour and hot springs. In Bali we made  sure to take surf lessons. On our Great White Shark Diving trip in Guadalupe we watched Jaws on a large screen, on top of our boat under the stars. In Little Cayman we rented mopeds and took the one road on the island down to the 'best local snorkeling' spot. While traveling we live by the motto 'BEEN THERE ROCKED THAT' and we try to bring that to the trips we lead.